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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 10/21/2018

Our team values your privacy:

  • We do not track individual users or sell any data to advertisers.
  • We do not sync any of your store data to another server.
  • Mage To Go acts as a direct client of your Magento store, with no data being intercepted by us during communication.
  • Mage To Go only uses your administration username and password to log in to your Magento store and obtain an API key. The API key then is encrypted and stored on your device for accessing your store data.
  • The following pieces of data are downloaded and saved to storage on your device: username, store URL, API key, currency settings, country designations and store view metadata. The data is only stored on your device and not transmitted anywhere else. All other data is downloaded as needed, but not saved to storage.
  • Apple does not allow connections to a remote server without https enabled, so all of the connections to your web store will be securely encrypted. However, maintaining a secure server setup with a valid SSL certificate is your responsibility.